Saturday, May 21, 2011

Headstone Photo: Clarissa Sweat Lowery, 1813-1897

Headstone of one of my paternal Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmothers, Clarissa Sweat Lowery. She was the wife of Hugh Chavis (1807-1862) and mother of Effie Ann Chavis Maynor (1813-1897).

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Headstone Photo: Hugh Chavis, 1807-1862

The headstone of one of my (paternal) Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfathers, Hugh Chavis (1807-1862.) He was the husband of Clarissa Sweat Lowery (1813-1897) and father of Effie Ann Chavis Maynor, (1837-1917).

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1917 NC Death Certificate: Effie Ann Chavis Maynor

Death certificate of my paternal Great, Great, Great Grandmother: Effie Ann Chavis Maynor (1837-1917). She was married to Angus Maynor (my Great, Great, Great Grandfather.) She was born about 1837 to Hugh Chavis and Clarissa Sweat Lowery.

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Photo: Francis Geraldine Cathcart Johnson (1902-1992)

This is a photo of my maternal Great Grandmother, Francis Geraldine Cathcart Johnson (1902-1992). I believe it to have been taken in the late 1960's. I do not have the exact date at the this time but my older sister has identified the little girl playing in the background as herself and that the picture was taken on my Great Grandmother's farm at Easter. I will update this post with a more exact date, when possible.

Unidentified Wood Family Photo?

This photo is unidentified and undated. It was in the things of my paternal Grandparents, Eunice Wood Maynor (1919-1994) and Elmer E. Maynor (1914-1996). It reads Greer, SC on bottom right hand corner. There is writing on the back of the photo but it is too faded to read definitively. It appears to have been written in pencil and one of the words appears to possibly be "Wood." This leads me to believe that this gentleman is from the Wood family. However no one in the Wood family has been able to identify him as of today. Any help anyone could pass along would be greatly appreciated. Since I am unsure, I am tagging this photo with both the Maynor and Wood surnames.

Photo Circa 1914: Floy Ann Branch Maynor & Elmer E Maynor

This is a photo of my Grandfather, Elmer E. Maynor, being held by his Mother, Floy Ann Branch Maynor (1889-1948). My Grandfather was born May 10, 1914 and I estimate this photo to be of that year. I believe the little girl in the photo to be his sister, either Virle or Lounette. I will confirm who it is and update this post as soon possible.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

About Me
...Let's see where this takes us.

Hi. I'm Holly and I'm a history and genealogy buff. As a child growing up, I fell in love with history and remain head over hills with it today. I believe we can never fully understand who we are and where we need to go until we understand where we have been.

About three or four years ago, I started doing genealogy research. I made huge strides in my research. I went from a woman who knew very little about where she came from to a walking book of facts on my ancestors as far back the 1600s (on some branches of my family tree). In the beginning I obtained and plugged in much information at However about 6 months or so into my research I stopped plugging in or obtaining info at Ancestry and started using my own genealogy software and other resources. Unfortunately about two years in to the project, my computer crashed. I-of course-did not have back ups of the information and lost all my work. To say I was crushed is a gross understatement. Within a matter of seconds a fried hard drive erased the fruit of my obsessive labor and scanned copies of hundreds of documents. The only information I have access to at the moment is the information I plugged into Ancestry years ago.

Discussing the crushing blow-dealt to me by an overworked HP computer-leads me to the "purpose" of this blog. I used the word "purpose" loosely. I have decided to use this blog to casually post information and documents I find and want to keep up with. I will also use it to post random historical fact & opinion blurbs that may or may not be connected my genetic past..just because that's the kind of thing I do. Please don't expect this to be anything organized, professional or even beneficial to a mass audience. It will be more of a casual, online diary or blog that is updated randomly by a mere history nerd.

Notice I said "updated randomly?" I'm going to try my best to no longer be sucked in by the never ending realm of research. If I am successful, this will prevent massive or frequent updates to this blog. If you find something useful or interesting in this blog and want to be notified of posting updates, the best way to do so would be to sign up for email alerts.

Thank you and hope you enjoy where ever this site rolls! :)